At AIS we welcome families from all cultural and religious backgrounds, celebrate diversity, foster the importance of identity and student voice.

Vision Statement

International education which inspires creative thinking, provoking children to become curious and take ownership of their learning.

Mission Statement

Amstelland International School is dedicated to establishing a learning community which empowers student voice, invests in nurturing relationships, fosters compassion for humanity and inspires a shared responsibility of our planet. 

School values

  • Curiosity 
  • Community 
  • Agency  
  • Relationships 
  • Responsibility 

At Amstelland International School, we welcome children of all nationalities, beliefs and cultures. 

Amstelland International School accommodates children who are expats on the move, forming an international community residing temporarily in The Netherlands. Amstelland International School is acknowledged and subsidised by the Dutch government, we comply with the national regulations regarding admissions for all our students.  

“Welcome to The Netherlands” video

We welcome:

  • Children with international parents who will reside in the Netherlands for a limited period of time, 3-5 years (Dutch and non-Dutch nationals).
  • Children with Dutch parents who have lived abroad or who are planning to move abroad in the next two years.
  • Children who have received international education previously and require a transition period into the Dutch school system.

Procedural steps to complete before enrollment

1. Complete Registration Of Interest (ROI) form.

2. Please ensure you complete all mandatory fields.

3. Upload two most recent school reports of the current/previous school or day-care.

4. Upload copies of all family passports.
  • If applicants meet the above Dutch governmental criteria, they will receive an invitation to visit our school in the form of a Social Play Morning/Day and their application will be reviewed by the Director.
  • After the Social Play Morning/Day, the team will meet to discuss the outcome of the visit. 
  • The Director will approve or deny the application.
  • Approved applications are followed up with an overview of our school fee payment policy and a request to pay the first deposit to secure placement.
  • Once the admissions fee and deposit are paid, parents will receive a welcome letter and their child’s start date.

Amstelland International School has a close working relationship with a speech therapist, occupational therapist and child psychologist.

We believe in providing children with the personalized support they need.

Admissions process for identifying Student Support needs

  1. The ROI & Application must be completed with accurate information.
    • AIS reserves the right to deny applications that are deemed untruthful or incomplete.
    • If there is a question or concern, the Director and IB’er (Internal student support guide) will follow up with parents immediately after the Social Play Morning/Day.
    • For students entering the school with a diagnosis and IEP (Individual Learning Plan), the respective documents are required to be shared with the school (by law) within 6 weeks of a student starting.

Re-registration letter

After the spring break parents will receive an annual re-registration letter to ascertain whether or not current students will be returning to the AIS for the next academic school year.

The letter must be sent out as follows:

  • April is the deadline for all parents to reply and submit a response to the re-registration letter.
  • 12 April is the deadline for all parents to have completed a withdrawal form should they decide to withdraw their child from the school.
  • From 15 April finance will start preparing invoices for the new academic school year.

In order to secure a position within the school for the following academic school year, parents are required to fulfill the payment of the school fees in full before the beginning of the following academic school year. For more information please read our school fee policy.

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