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Do you accept children all through the year?

Yes, our application admissions are open throughout the school year including school holidays.

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Do you provide Transport?

AIS does not have a school bus. We are easily accessible by public transport. Free parking in front of the school is provided.

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Do you teach Dutch?

We teach Dutch language and culture.

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I have a permanent contract but I still intend to leave after a few years, am I still eligible?

Each year around March, AIS sends out a letter of intent to our parent community. It is important that you indicate the uncertainty of your residence or employment status.

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Is Dutch Language a part of the school’s curriculum?

At AIS, we teach two hours of Dutch Language per week, in combination with Dutch culture lessons. Our cultural celebrations include Sint Maarten, Sinterklaas (minus Zwarte Piet), Christmas, Easter, and King’s Day. The Netherlands is our host country, we actively celebrate and integrate our community.

Is there an afterschool program at AIS?

Yes we are very fortunate to work closely with UniKidz. Please be aware that UniKidz afterschool program is not included in our school fees. They are situated on our campus but are an independent organization.

What happens after Group 7?

AIS has developed a strong partnership with Hermann Wesselink College (HWC), linked to the ICC. HWC is a prestigious secondary school with a Dutch stream, dual language and international curriculum option. Typically Group 7 students graduate from AIS and move into HWC´s international curriculum option. Other variable options are:

We are pleased to share the information slides relating to the ‘What happens after group 7‘ evening we hosted back in November. Below you can find the links to the presentation slides from each of the institutions in attendance. 

What happens if my child can’t speak English?

We provide ELA to our students who need it.

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What programs are in place for children who enter the school with no or little English proficiency?

All our teachers are language teachers. AIS has a concept-based phonics program to teach English skills, regardless of the child’s entry points. Our English Language Acquisition Specialist teaches additional English lessons during our Dutch sessions to all children who require this support. Parents are encouraged to speak their native language at home, hereby strengthening their child’s language skills development. Parents are advised not to mix languages and only speak their native language. Our initial classroom instructions will be translated into the language of any new student entering the AIS.