It is our responsibility to steward wisely over the resources we are given. Our school fees allow for an innovative concept-based curriculum that invites children to explore and make a meaningful difference in our community.

Amstelland International School is recognised by the Dutch Ministry of Education, which enables us to offer a high-quality international education with subsidised school fees. Our school fees are set annually according to Dutch International Primary School guidelines.

Enrolment is a € 200 admissions fee (non-refundable).
The deposit is € 500. This deposit is refundable when your child leaves the school and if you have fulfilled all the financial obligations.

  1. In order to secure a position within the school, parents are required to sign the ROI acknowledging their financial obligation towards Amstelland International School in fulfilling the payment of the school fees in full.  
  2. In order to secure a position within the school for the following school year, parents are required to fulfill the payment of the school fees in full before the beginning of the following academic school year.

The chart below shows the amount you required.

MonthStarting inAmount
August/September100%€ 4.830
October90%€ 4,347
November80%€ 3,864
December70%€ 3,387
January60%€ 2,898
February50%€ 2,415
March40%€ 1,932
April30%€ 1,449
May20%€ 966
June/July10%€ 483

School fee policy