Thank you for reaching out to us. We are looking forward to welcoming you to our community.

Monday – Friday
Doors open at 08:20.
Lessons begin at 08:45.
Afternoon pick up is at 15:00 (Mon/Tue/Thu/Fri)
Afternoon pick up is at 13:00 (Wed)

Amstelland International School

Asserring 93
1187 SM Amstelveen 
Tel: +31 20 820 90 91


External Confidentiality Representative and Complaints Commission

Parents and AIS faculty are invited to reach out to our confidentiality representatives, with any concern they feel is not handled according to the Dutch Primary School regulations.

Our external confidentiality representative is Pepita David. Her contact information is:


Tel: 06 3434 8288

Internally we follow a procedure that includes the contact availability of our internal confidentiality representatives. AIS faculty have the option, depending on the relevant situation to reach out to our staff representatives, team leaders and our school director.

Parent & Staff representation (MR & GMR)

In the Netherlands, every school is equipped with a team representing both parents and staff.

At our school, we maintain a close working relationship with our representatives to keep the leadership team updated about unresolved issues. We encourage parents and staff to initially contact the school principal directly. If the leadership team has overlooked any concerns, or if you have significant issues that you would like to address in cooperation with your respective representative, then we suggest reaching out to our representation team.

Parent representationStaff representation
Gert-Jan Blom
Janine Viola van der Plaat
Christine Gray
Macy McCabe

For more information regarding the procedure at Onderwijs Groep Amstelland schools, we invite you to explore the OGA website. Below you will find the complete PDF version of our producers in English and Dutch.