Our imagination is where we go when our reality just simply won't do. Imagination is where vision is born, every birth of a new idea forms our new reality. What are you imagining?

The school philosophy is founded on a deep understanding of compassion for one another, community-based learning, relationship building,and valuing our unique identity whilst learning the importance of celebrating diversity.  

Our school aims to develop further internationally-minded, curious, and empathic young people who are intrinsically motivated to positively impact their local and global community, creating sustainable change.  AIS has specifically chosen to implement the International Primary Curriculum (IPC). Our choice is founded upon the rich conceptual understanding the IPC curriculum provides for all students across ability levels to engage with learning through theme-based inquiry units of study. IPC offers a strong foundation for personal learning goals and the development of the whole child. We encourage you to read more about the IPC curriculum in our school guide.

Our website will take you on a journey of what it means to be part of the AIS learning community and how our educational approach is structured. This school year we will further professionalize our organization, with a focus on improving education, organization, and communication.    

AIS is steadily growing to meet the demand for international education within Amstelveen & Ouderkerk. In order to maintain a balance between growth, stability, innovation, inclusion, and educational quality, our team has developed a strategic plan which will be closely monitored by our Quality Care Committee (QCC) throughout the school year. We are excited to be exploring the options of a new purpose-built building right here in Amstelveen. For the coming two years AIS will be situated in a temporary building in Westwijk.

In line with Onderwijsgroep Amstelland’s school group educational strategic plan, AIS aims to continue developing a deeper understanding of what it means to be internationally-minded, identity, connected with one another, and maintain trusting relationships with all twelve Dutch schools in our dynamic organization. Our parent community plays a fundamental role in developing and maintaining these important relationships.   

While fostering our global citizenship values at AIS, we embrace the local Dutch community and seek out invitations to participate and experience the Dutch culture celebrating the values of our host country.  

Our team looks forward to welcoming you at the AIS family! 


Our school development plan 2023-2024 embraces the need for creativity, social and emotional safety, and digital literacy & preparing our school for the International School Recognition & the Dutch Primary  School Inspection.