At AIS we think in movement, colors, sound, spectacle, rhythm, coding and play.

Specialist Classes consist of English Language Acquisition, Dutch Language Acquisition, Dutch Language and Culture, Physical & Health Education (PHE), and the Performing Arts. These classes are facilitated by specialist teachers and allow for small group learning opportunities and/or specially equipped learning environments. These are timetabled throughout the week and located in the appropriate specialist learning areas. 

At AIS the children attend two PE lessons and two Dutch language lessons every week.

The visual arts lessons are integrated into the every inquiry (IPC) unit.

Music lessons

AIS has a close working relationship with the renowned music school in Amsterdam: Conservatorium van Amsterdam

I hear my emotions

I feel the rhythm

Woest Zuid

Our Woest Zuid colleagues are pedagogical sports instructors who lead interactive play opportunities during break times on our playgrounds. While AIS teachers enjoy their well-deserved break, students are stimulated daily in the form of sports and interactive play-based activities. For safety reasons we always have one member of staff on duty (on rotation) while the children engage with Woest Zuid activities. These vary from activities such as football, dodgeball, and tag to activities such as wave boarding and archery. In this way, children are introduced to a wide range of sports and games outdoors.

Woest Zuid

Woest Zuid

Learning social skills through play.


AIS works closely with UniKidz to offer creative, active, and inspiring afterschool experiences. UniKidz offers swim lessons and is situated on campus. UniKidz is a privately owned company registered, approved, and reviewed by the Dutch government.


After school program