We keep each other safe & healthy

*GGD regulations regarding when to quarantine!

Please read.

Additional elaboration of the basic measures in education.

The quarantine policy from the GGD will be adjusted. On Thursday, the head of our school board will consult with the alderman at the gemeente regarding the relevant measures. For more information please read the Ministery of education website. 

The new regulations have the following impact on our school

A reminder of what the COVID symptoms are;

  • Sore throat
  • Fever
  • Runny nose
  • Coughing
  • Trouble breathing

It saddens us to have to implement restrictions that force distance between our community members. We hope this wave passes us by quickly, thank you for helping us keep our community safe.

  • Masks are required when walking around the building1,5-meter distance
  • All meetings will need to be back online Unfortunately, we need to resume having no parents/visitors in the building unless absolutely necessary
  • Two or more COVID symptoms please remain at home get tested by the GGDIf a teacher is unable to attend school due to COVID, lessons will resume online on the second day
  • All teachers will need one day to prepare for online learning
  • If your child needs to remain home due to COVID, you will receive an email with online (independent) learning options
  • If  a child or teacher develops two or more COVID symptoms they will be sent home and required to be tested by the GGDIf you decide not to get tested you or  your child will need to remain home for 10 days
  • Returning to school is only permitted without COVID symptoms