Tell me a picture, draw me a story, write me a painting. Sing me a dance, and play me a song.

Rebecca Egan

My name is Rebecca Egan. I am from the lovely green island of Ireland. I am a qualified primary school teacher who has combined my love for teaching and travelling. Over the past six years, I have gained much experience working in both International public and private schools around the world. 

 My personal and professional life has now brought me to the Netherlands. I am very ready to start this new adventure. This will be my first year at Amstelland International School. I am feeling very excited to have the opportunity to teach Group 3.  

I am a passionate, energetic and inclusive educator. My classroom is always a busy and active, fun learning environment.  I strive to adapt teaching and learning to meet the needs of each and every student in my class. 

I work hard to ensure learning is relatable and hands-on, as students learn best by doing. Furthermore, I love to go outdoors for all subject areas when the weather allows it.  

I often spend my free time travelling and going on adventures. I enjoy meeting new people, trying new foods and learning about different cultures. 

I love drinking coffee, going to live music events, and doing yoga. I like to learn new things in my free time. My new hobby is currently crocheting.  

Over the course of the next academic year, your child will develop socially, emotionally and academically. They will become positive, independent and resilient individuals as they progress further on their lifelong leaning path. 

I look forward to becoming part of the AIS community.