“A lot of scientific evidence suggests that the difference between those who succeed and those who don’t is not the brains they were born with, but their approach to life, the messages they receive about their potential, and the opportunities they have to learn.” - Jo Boaler

Amélie Pralle Autin

Hello, I am the new teacher in group 7A. I grew up in Madrid and moved to the UK to complete a BA in Anthropology. I then moved to London to complete my teacher training. I am so excited to be part of this international, forward-thinking community.

I am a teacher because I love learning and I want to help children to foster the same curiosity to discover the world, to support them in their passions and develop the knowledge and skills they will need to fulfil their dreams.

I believe that every child has the right to fulfil their potential socially, emotionally and academically and it is an absolute privilege to be part of that journey.

Dean Thompson

I am originally from Newcastle, England but I have been living and working in Shanghai for the past 5 years.

I am passionate about keeping active through a variety of sports and I particularly enjoy football. I also like travelling and I’ve recently started backpacking as I try to get closer to nature.

My second passion is teaching. I think it’s important to help children progress through positive learning experiences. Adding fun to learning creates the best educational experience possible.

I am thrilled to be joining AIS and I look forward to helping to create a positive learning environment.

Christina Havenga

My name is Christina Havenga and I come from Johannesburg, South Africa.

I have ten years of teaching experience and in three of those years I served as a Head of the Department. I have taught many different ages and subjects, but my favorite remains Mathematics. I love working with children and aim to create a safe and enjoyable learning environment for them.

I believe every child is special and unique, deserving of respect and encouragement to reach their full potential.

Having only been in the Netherlands for nine months now, I am excited to call this country my new home and I look forward to what the future holds.

I am looking forward to joining the AIS Team as a Teaching Assistant and learning alongside our current educational team.