Whoever said learning happens indoors is invited to spend a day with the students at AIS.

Wouldn’t life be boring if we all thought the same way?

At Amstelland International School we believe in cultivating a culture and a mindset of international mindedness. With this, the children will understand, respect, value different cultures, embrace diversity and know that different perspectives have a great deal to offer. International mindedness enables us to work in harmony with colleagues from around the world and benefit from a wide range of knowledge and experience. It promotes respect, encourages collaboration and the students develop high levels of empathy and compassion.

Enjoy our video; “A Day in the Life of an AIS Student.”

Innovative Activities done in class

Co Curriculum

We provide the right mix of curricular, co-curricular, and extracurricular activities, to build a strong base for our children’s education. We add to the school experience by incorporating music, arts, craft, field trip visits & by participating in physical training. These co-curricular activities give our children a platform for experiential learning and self-expression. We put great focus on improving our children’s abilities, evolving logical and conceptual thinking, and imparting a greater sense of well-being in them.

Inspiring Inspirations

All students and teachers are invited to train and collaborate with talented educators and artists from around the world.

Inspiring children through means of introducing them to their heroes!

AIS educators are continuously professionally developing their skills providing our students with creative and exciting learning experiences.

Sint Maarten

Is a Dutch festival that is part of our Harvest celebration. AIS collects food, clothing & toys for others in the community.

November 11th is the day we celebrate Sint Maarten at AIS. In the Netherlands we celebrate Sint Maarten’s spirit of giving, by retelling his legendary story, singing traditional songs sharing light and joy. The children enjoy making paper lanterns (lampions) in class for a school parade at school. During the parade, they sing traditional songs to their friends and teachers spreading light and cheer. The teachers and friends reward the singing by generously giving them fruit and raisins.


Kinderboekenweek also known as Children’s Book Week is an annual celebration of reading for pleasure for children of primary school age. A fantastic opportunity for extended teaching on any of your favorite children’s books!  Activities are organized throughout the country, for example in schools, libraries & bookstores.

Sinterklaas: Every year Sinterklaas comes to the Netherlands from Spain by steamboat to celebrate his birthday on the 5th of December. Sinterklaas rides a white horse with Ozosnel. Sint arrives about 3 weeks before his birthday in The Netherlands. From the day Sint arrives, children can put their shoes out in the evening. They put something for the horse in their shoe (hay or a carrot) and a drawing or wish list for Sinterklaas and sing many songs. During the night Sint will come and put a small toy or candy in the shoe.

During the Sinterklaas celebrations, children receive treats such as:

  • Pepernoten: small cookies
  • A chocolate letter
  • Ginger cookies (speculaas)
  • Marzipan in all kinds of shapes

Cultural Winter Concerts: Celebrating Our Differences: This is an event that celebrates multiple winter holiday celebrations to reflect the rich cultural diversity of our school.